Environmental & social responsibility

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The Group is certified ISO 14001:2015
The certified organization has an adequate management system to keep the environmental impacts of its activities under control and systematically seeks improvement in a consistent, effective and ,above all, sustainable way.
This allows savings in energy and material costs, greater recycling, lower polluting emissions in water and the atmosphere and a reduction in legal costs for non-compliant activities.

The Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) of GPP are the environmental requirements established for the various stages of the purchase and production process, aimed at identifying the best design solution, product or service from an environmental point of view along the life cycle, taking into account the market availability. These requirements are regulated by the Ministerial Decree 11/01/2017 "Supply and rental service of interior furnishings" and subsequent corrective decree of Ministerial Decree July 3, 2019. The Group has performed and made available specific tests carried out in authorized laboratories to ensure product compliance with these requirements.

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The Group is certified OHSAS 18001, the international standard for the management of workers' health and safety (SGSL). The 18001 certification is entirely voluntary, and demonstrates the commitment by an organization to better protect the health and safety of its workers, through careful risk assessment and systematic implementation of preventive and verification plans.
Protecting the people who work in its companies through the continuous improvement of safety is part of the Group mission.

The Group has approved its own Corporate Code of Ethics on a voluntary basis, which defines a set of ethical and social rules to which company representatives must comply. The Company Code of Ethics identifies and enhances the group principles and defines the methods for pursuing and respecting them: fairness and equality, transparency, honesty, diligence, impartiality, confidentiality, protection of the person and the environment.
The code of ethics is an integral document of the organization and management model drawn up in conformity to Legislative Decree 08/06/2001 n ° 231.

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