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SITLOSOPHY® is our seating philosophy, the result of more than forty years of research and specialization in the production of office and contract armchairs. In recent times, the pandemic emergency has temporarily disrupted the design paradigms of workspaces, forcing to a long period of isolation. If smart working has shown some advantages (less commuting, more flexibility in time management) on the other hand it has highlighted its limits. Confrontation, presentation, sharing ideas and informal moments, are all integral activities of the work dynamics, but that can be fully expressed only with the physical presence. Rediscovering the importance of being together has directed research towards new functional items for community spaces, trying to combine elegance with the efficiency of multipurpose solutions. Each new model comes from a collaboration between the internal research group and professional designers, good in combining and synthesizing originality, aesthetic appeal and proper ergonomics. Aesthetics of SITLOSOPHY® chairs also express an ethical content connected to environmental and social sustainability. Starting from the design phase, maximum attention is always paid to materials and the use of technical solutions with low environmental impact. The selection of suppliers must ensure the use of wood from responsibly managed forests and of recycled or easily recyclable fabrics and plastic elements. Our attention to these issues has earned us the recognition by FSC® Italy of the FSC® Furniture Award 2020 on collectivity field.


Our products are selected by architects , companies and final users and installed worldwide to create working spaces where you can work,live and have fun.
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Despite being a well established presence in the global market our company is still driven by the will to grow, together with our business partners, and to keep delivering not jus office chairs but also the best working conditions possible.

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