Quality and safety certifications

Quality and safety certifications

The Group is certified by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, which defines the requirements for the construction of a system of quality management, in order to manage all the business process, improve effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of products and services, so to obtain, and increase, its customer satisfaction. Quality control starts from the production process to the verification of customer satisfaction.

The Group is a member of UNI, the Italian National Unification Body which has been developing and publishing voluntary technical standards - the UNI norms - in all industrial, commercial and tertiary sectors for almost 100 years. In particular, as a member of the "Furniture" technical commission ,UNI actively participates in the revision of the technical regulations, promoting innovation and ensuring the constant adaptation of production in conformity to the quality standards and safety requirements established by international norms.

Furniture safety

Ergonomics means not only comfort, but also correct posture during prolonged use at the desk. In the design of its seating, the Group cooperates with specialized and accredited laboratories to verify all aspects related to ergonomics, safety and durability according to the performance requirements established by European and International standards.

The Group has certified and obtained Ministerial Approval according to Ministerial Decree 06/26/84 on many models of its collections. The compliance to this norm makes approved models especially suitable to be used in contexts where specific FIRE resistance features are required such as hotels , health and sport facilities, school buildings, historic buildings intended to host museums, galleries, exhibitions or shows, libraries and archives.

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