For the design of its collections, Arte & D s.r.l. collaborates with renowned designers who know how to perfectly combine in their creations innovation, aesthetics and ergonomics

Paolo Scagnellato e Jeremiah Ferrarese

PAOLO SCAGNELLATO. He was born in Padua in 1952 and graduated in Architecture at Venice University in 1976 with Arch. Aldo Rossi. Since 1977 he has been practicing freelance.

JEREMIAH FERRARESE .Born in Padua in 1980 and graduated in architecture at the IUAV Institute of Venice in 2006. In 2005 he approaches Industrial Design, his activity ranges from Architecture to Design.

“Even if you are able to apply the tools you have, you need to develop your own philosophy. You can't just be executors. Knowledge must be interpreted creatively, this is the only way to express oneself. "

Edi & Paolo Ciani Design

Product and interior designers, dealing with design of furnishing accessories and Industrial Design articles for over 25 years. Since 1987 they have been creating and developing products for important companies in the furniture, home furnishings, office, contract and outdoor sectors.

Studio Omega Design

The Design studio was founded in 1992, thanks to the experience of Giovanni Baccolini with major companies, aimed at the national and international market. The studio had the opportunity to touch on important project-related realities and acquire, in twenty years of career, a vast wealth of knowledge in the field of art-design.

Nicola Cacco Design

The Plus Design studio was born from an idea by the art director Nicola Cacco in 2001 with the mission of providing companies with services related to the world of design. The technical and artistic know-how developed during his training allows him to range from concept design to engineering to supply. Plus Design Studio collaborates with home furnishing companies, soundproofing projects, contract, office, luxury furniture, art galleries, fashion brands